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Understanding Kiwi Customs & Communication

Understanding local customs is one of the hardest parts of settling into any new country. Here are some tips about our kiwi customs to help you settle in to NZ.

Six Top Tips For The Solo-Traveller

Solo travel is an increasing trend both for Kiwis and internationally. If you’re contemplating heading off on your own, here are our 10 top tips for the solo traveller to make your trip safer and more enjoyable:

Top North Island New Zealand Outdoor Adventures

If you’re a keen outdoors person then New Zealand (NZ) is the perfect destination for you. With hundreds of outdoor options spread out all over our country you will be able to soak up both our scenery and our hospitality while having the adventure of a lifetime. Here are a list of some of our favourite North Island adventures:

Top South Island New Zealand Outdoor Adventures

Check out the latest Health and Travel Insurance blog about top South Island, New Zealand, outdoor adventures.

Travel Insurance for NZ Seniors

Just because you are over age 65 doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to access comprehensive travel insurance at a reasonable price. Read more on our blog:

New Zealand Summer Working Holiday Visa & Insurance

Here are some tips about where to find information and apply for a working holiday visa, and an explanation about what type of insurance you will need.

Insurance Cover For Professional and High Risk Sport

We have a proven record in obtaining insurance cover for competitive and extreme sports & many high-risk activities. Read more about what we offer here:

Four Tips For International Mountain Bike Travel

Health and Travel Insurance Brokers have many years experience in helping people organise insurance policies that cover high risk sports such as mountain biking, here we have some advice and a few other tips to help you get ready for your mountain bike holiday.

7 Safety Tips For Driving Around New Zealand

Health and Travel Insurance brokers bring you 7 driving safety tips For travellers and tourists who are about to drive around New Zealand.

Places To Visit In New Zealand - East Coast

The East Coast of the North Island has great historical significance. This is the place where the first Polynesian canoes landed and Captain Cook made his first landfall. Find out more.

Places to Visit in NZ: The Coromandel

Health and Travel Insurance brokers blog on places to visit in New Zealand, destination Coromandel.

Insurance For Seasonal Workers Coming To New Zealand

A reminder to all seasonal workers & backpackers coming to New Zealand or Australia for the 2017/18 summer season. Now is the time organise your insurance.

Places To Visit In New Zealand - Bay Of Islands

The Bay of Islands has stunning subtropical weather & its known not only for its natural beauty but also impressive history. Find out more.

Places to Visit in New Zealand - Wellington

Wellington is not only the Capital of New Zealand but is also considered the cultural, heritage & arts hub of our Country thanks to its fantastic mix of history, museums, shops, theatre, film & events. Find out more.

Places to Visit In New Zealand - Rotorua

A visit to NZ is not complete without visiting the cultural & geothermal wonders of Rotorua. Here are the highlights we recommend.

Places to visit in New Zealand - Taupo

We shared Waitomo with you last month, this month our favourite destination is the spectacular Lake Taupo.

Places To Visit In New Zealand: Waitomo Caves

To help you plan your trip around New Zealand, here is one of our favourite destinations, Waitomo Caves.

Travel Insurance NZ - What It Is & Why You Need It

Health & Travel Insurance NZ explain the basics about travel insurance, what it is and why you need it if you're planning a trip overseas.

Applying For A New Zealand Passport

There seems to be many people currently renewing their passports, thanks to the short-sighted, and luckily short-lived, 5-year passports. Read our blog for some helpful tips for applying for your New Zealand passport.

3 Best Digital Travel Tools For 2017

There are so many great travel items you can take with you on your overseas adventure. Health & Travel Insurance list 3 of the best digital items for 2017.

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