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The Cost Of Visitors Not Having Travel Insurance For New Zealand

Out of the three million plus travellers to New Zealand, 80% are not entitled to free healthcare and those without travel insurance are a major burden on our health system.  In fact every year in New Zealand there are patients admitted to our hospitals who are ineligible for publicly funded healthcare because they are not residents here (and they failed to meet other criteria). 

Usually these people are treated at the expense of the New Zealand taxpayer, with most of that money, amounting to thousands of dollars,  being written off as bad debt by the District Health Boards that they fall under.  An estimated total for New Zealand, over the 10 year period between 2000 and 2010, is $630 million.  This debt will reach about $1 billion this decade, if there are no changes to identification, billing and recovery cost systems currently used.

New Zealand’s Minister of Health has publicly acknowledged the problem.  Measures being discussed include the sharing of information between government agencies, that will help check who is eligible for public care. 

The Immigration department recommends that visitors to New Zealand have comprehensive medical insurance for the entire length of their stay. Some visa categories require compulsory medical and travel insurance (such as Working Holiday visas), so it pays to check these criteria carefully before you start travelling.

We have a wide range of options specifically designed for different visa categories that work best within the framework of the New Zealand health system. 

Travel insurance is not costly, we can easily and quickly give quotes on insurance costs for all lengths of stay.  We can also explain how the health care system works in New Zealand, and give an outline of who is eligible to free healthcare and who is not.

So, if you are thinking of travelling to NZ contact Health and Travel Insurance Brokers Ltd to make sure you get the right insurance cover.


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