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Travel Nightmares – Why You Need Good Insurance

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A client of mine cut his finger while on holiday in New York. This ended up as a case of blood poisoning with 4 nights in hospital. Total claim cost NZ$17766.65.

A young Kiwi heading off on her overseas experience - full of dreams, aspirations and excitement, only to return  home from Canada months later unable to walk as a result of a freak accident.

Last year at a conference in Australia I fell ill with the flu part way through. Not much fun feeling miserable by yourself in a hotel room! This and the two stories above got me thinking how important some of the additional cover is that you find in good travel insurance policies - particularly cover for medical evacuation and accompanying relatives.

The medical evacuation cover is pretty self-explanatory - it gets you home if you get very sick or are badly injured; however the accompanying relative cover is a good one to work through, as it will cover getting a family member (mum, dad etc) to wherever you are if you become seriously ill or injured while overseas.  Something many of us will need if we were to have an accident while travelling.

At Health and Travel Insurance Brokers Ltd we have a range of policies that include this cover, so do remember to talk to us if you are planning any travel.

Fortunately, the people in the stories mentioned above had excellent comprehensive travel insurance policies.  I go by the motto - if you can’t afford travel insurance, you cannot afford to travel!


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