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Insurance For Travellers with Pre-existing Medical Condition

This was an email received by our team at Health and Travel Insurance Brokers Ltd.  It is a great example of why everyone should have travel insurance, and why it pays to find a specialist broker who can source travel insurance that INCLUDES many existing medical conditions:

Hi Sandra

I am so pleased that we took out a policy with you earlier this year as we ended up having to seek urgent medical help while in Hawaii last month as Steve had a cardiac arrest related to what was described as a "fatal arrythmia" on the last day of our holiday. Thankfully he survived but he did end up in Maui Memorial Hospital ICU for 3 nights and a general Cardiac ward for a night. He also went to theatre twice and came home with a pacemaker and internal cardiac defibrilator. 

Our stay on Maui was extended by 12 days until Steve was given a medical clearance to fly home. ACE Assistance were fantastic, particularly Teodora who I spoke to often, and the company have met all the hospital and specialist costs which only leaves me to claim a small amount for the extra hotel accommodation costs and other sundry items that I paid for.

Kind regards

If you have an exisiting medical condition and you plan on travelling, give the team at Health and Travel Insurance a call. We can source the necessary cover you need to make sure your trip is as stress-free as possible, 0800 855 0772.


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