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Make Sure You Have The Right Travel Insurance Cover

Health & Travel Insurance Blog Make Sure You Have The Right Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance should not be a standard form. Every insurance policy you take out should be tailored to your situation, whether it is for work related travel, sport related travel, or a holiday.  At Health and Travel Insurance Brokers we have access to a broad range of leisure, corporate and high risk activity travel insurance plans.

To make sure you have the right cover for the type of activities you will be doing while travelling here are some examples to consider:

Competing in Sports Events

Professional or competitive sports are often excluded from standard travel insurance policies. At Health and Travel we have a proven record in obtaining insurance cover for competitive sport, ensuring you meet all the requirements for obtaining entry to international sports events.  Examples of professional sports we currently insure include Water-ski racing, Roller Derby,  tumbling/cheerleading, Mountain Biking, basketball, the Mongol Derby and we insure some of the amazing Nitro Circus crew.  

If you are travelling with your sport and/or plan to compete in an event we can help make sure you have the right insurance.  We will also make sure you have cover for your equipment such as bikes, skis, snowboards etc.

Sport & Touring Holidays

Like professional sport, some extreme sports are often excluded from travel insurance. Good examples are off-piste skiing and snowboarding.  Each year more Kiwis are hitting the slopes overseas with Canada, the US and Europe all offering stunning off-piste and back-country ski holidays.  If you are into high-risk sports such as this you will need a specifically tailored insurance package to ensure you are covered. 

This also applies if you are considering a road-trip such as a motorbike tour across a country or countries.  Such a trip will also need to be carefully reviewed to make sure your travel insurance coverage is adequate.

We have a lot of experience in such holidays and we can tailor a package for you to make sure you and your sports gear and equipment etc are covered.

Leisure Holidays

No one insurance package fits everyone. Even travellers going on a simple leisure holiday need to make sure they have all possible activities covered.  For example, you may be considering open-water diving while abroad, or partaking in something thrilling like sky diving or hot-air ballooning.  Besides luggage and flights, your travel insurance policy needs to cover all possible activities you may undertake while away. 

Further to this, travel insurance policies also need to regard the area/s you will be travelling.  For example, are you travelling to Australia, the United States, Europe, or Worldwide?  Most policies are set by area so you need to make sure you are covered for all the countries you plan to visit including stopovers and day trips. 

Work & Business Travellers

Arranging insurance when you have obtained a work visa for New Zealand or abroad can be difficult and complicated.  We have over 10 years experience with work visas and work travel and we can arrange cover for business travellers going abroad and those coming to NZ for work and holiday jobs. The type of cover we offer includes annual travel policies for businesses, comprehensive insurance for work-visa holders that meet NZ immigration requirements, and policies specifically designed to protect seasonal workers.

If you considering a trip abroad, be it for sport, work or leisure, then call us at Health and Travel Insurance Brokers Ltd.  We will spend the time with you to make sure you have the right cover for the type of activities you will be doing while away.


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