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10 Of The Best Travel Apps For 2015

10 of the best travel apps for 2015 Health and Travel Insurance blog post


Travel apps are a great accessory for the modern traveller. Armed with the right apps on your device you will be able to find the best flight deals, restaurants, maps, translators and more.  So here are 10 of the best travel apps for your next trip away:



Released last year, Skyscanner has been hugely successful (50 million downloads & counting).  This app lets you compare millions of flights across hundreds of airlines so you can have the world’s top travel deals at your fingertips. You can even save flights to your homepage and see live updates for latest deals.


Packing List

There are a lot of packing apps that are free to download, and sometimes it is trial and error to find one that suits your type of travel. 

Packing List helps you to create and maintain packing lists for your trips away. It not only lets a user create a list from scratch, but also allows you to generate lists from an existing one. This application comes with a pre-loaded packing master list. 



The closest thing most of us will ever have to a personal assistant.  All you have to do is forward your various confirmation emails for flights/hotels/hire cars/restaurant bookings etc. to and the WorldMate app will instantly generate an itemised itinerary covering your entire trip.

You can also upgrade to the premium version and WorldMate will keep you in the loop in real time, generating alerts to let you know when flights are delayed or gates change.



Wondering if you need to pack wet weather gear for the next trip? WeatherPro is an award winning weather app that offers high-quality, detailed weather information for over two million geographical locations. Features are comprehensive, including 3-hourly forecasts for the week ahead including temperature, wind direction and speed, air pressure, precipitation amount and probability and relative humidity. 


XE Currency

This free app is slick, easy to use, and accurate. You can access live exchange rates, view historical charts, and calculate prices on your smart-phone or tablet.  Already downloaded more than 25 million times it has proven itself as a must have travel accessory.



Named by TIME Magazine as one of 25 Essential Apps for Travellers, HopStop provides door-to-door transit - walking, biking, taxi and hourly car rental - directions in over 300 cities in the UK, US, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, France, Germany, Israel, Netherlands and Norway.

So whether you need to pick your way across downtown New York or catch a bus out of Auckland, you should never be more than a few taps away from a neatly displayed, stop-by-stop itinerary.

(Another similar journey and map app we recommend is ‘Here’ by Nokia)



Not loved by the hospitality industry, this is the place to find brutally honest reviews of hotels, restaurants, attractions and more. While some users are harsh critics, on the positive side you will have access to hundreds of honest reviews for every foreign city you visit.  This can make it much easier to choose a great restaurant, hotel or attraction in a strange land.


Word Lens & Google Translate

One of the most popular visual translators, and recently acquired by Google to be made part of the Google Translate app, World Lens instantly translates foreign text e.g. menus and street signs, via your phone’s camera.

Just select 2 languages e.g. English & French, hold up your phone to the text (make sure it is visible on the screen) and the app will automatically detect which language to convert to. The languages for the instant translate feature include English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. For other languages you need to take a photo of the text to convert (90 languages in total).  World Lens will work without an internet connection.

Google translate also lets you translate with your voice, camera, keyboard or handwriting.


Wi-Fi Finder

With data roaming charges still incredibly high in many places, knowing where to find a decent wi-fi hotspot is essential for most travellers these days. The Wi Fi Finder app gives you directions to your nearest source of wireless internet for  550,000 free and paid locations in 144 countries worldwide. Best of all, the offline mode means you can download maps before you go, thereby dodging a massive bill when you return from your travels.



This app allows you to filter and book thousands of guided tours and activities by location, deals, family-friendliness and any special interests.  Voted one of National Geographic’s “Favourite On-The-Road Apps”, Viator has thousands of destinations listed, as well as 600,000+ user reviews and photos. Pinpoint your location on their interactive map and find the best stuff to do, wherever you happen to be. 

They also have exclusive features such as Skip the Line passes at popular attractions like the Eiffel Tower and Empire State building, to private VIP experiences at iconic locations like the Sistine Chapel.


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