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7 Travel Essentials To Pack For Your Next Trip

7 essential travel items Health and Travel Insurance Blog

We have all made the mistake of packing too much gear when travelling.  There is an old rule that you should pack your bag, then take out a third of what you’ve packed and that will leave you with more than enough.  However you choose to pack there are a few essentials that should always remain in your bag, in no particular order here are 7 items we recommend:

Good walking shoes

Whether you are travelling for a week or 6 months a traveller always needs good walking shoes.  There are many brands that people favour, but as long as you find the shoes comfortable and you are able to wear them for long periods of time then make sure you pack them.


Many places in the world accept credit and debit cards, but everywhere accepts cash.  We recommend that you pack some emergency cash for those situations where and when your cards won’t be accepted or if they stop working.  Cash is also useful for giving tips and for when you are off the beaten track. You will find currency exchange desks in most airports around the world to make sure you have the right cash for where you travel.

Quality Earplugs

Good earplugs can make the difference between an enjoyable holiday and a stressful one. Useful on planes, in Hotel rooms, for blocking out barking dogs or rowdy village children! Trial different ones before you travel to ensure you find ones that are comfortable and work for you.

A sarong or large scarf such as a Shemagh (or Keffiyeh)

You might not think that a simple piece of cotton cloth could be useful, but if you speak to any well-travelled person they can tell you their many uses for a scarf or sarong. Just some examples include - a standby towel, a modest covering for Church and temple visits, protection from the sun, dust, wind and sand, or wrap one around some clothes to make a pillow.

Eye Mask

From cheap Bangkok motels to the top hotels in Paris, you never know when a streetlight might disturb your sleep. Eye masks are also useful for getting quality sleep on the plane, and for when you need to catch up on sleep during the day while you’re away.

Light Waterproof Jacket

Even if you are travelling to a tropical island you can’t guarantee the weather. Having a lightweight waterproof jacket, that doesn’t take up much bag room, gives you the option to head out on a rainy day rather than stay inside and wait for the rain to pass.

Plastic Bags

For separating clean from dirty, wet from dry and shoes from clothes.  Plastic bags are also useful for keeping toiletries safe from any potential leak.  Some travellers like to pack ziplock bags, but any recycled plastic bag will help make sure your bag stays clean and organised. 

So that is our list of 7 essential items, what do you like to pack for your travels?


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