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3 Best Christmas Gifts For Sport Lovers

3 Best Christmas Gifts for Sport Lovers blog image with hoverboard, fitbit and lily camera

Not that you need reminding, but Christmas is only a week away! If you are stuck on what to buy that special someone in your life… who happens to be a sport enthusiast or extreme sport lover… then this is the gift guide for you!  We have picked three awesome gifts that any sport lover would appreciate:

Fitband, Fitbit and all Fit Wearables

Yes it has been the year of the Fitbit and wearable devices.  These handy little wrist devices can do everything from helping you set fitness goals to counting calories and your  heart rate. Many of these ‘wearables’ also have GPS built in so you can mark your location and keep track of your chosen route, as well as letting you measure distance and speed to compare performance.  Some are waterproof, USB chargeable and most can be synced with your smartphone or computer to record information.

Fitbits and wearables are available at appliance stores like Noel Leeming and Dick Smith, and also sporting retailers like Rebel Sport.


For many of us this was a crazy idea in an 80’s movie, but this year the hoverboard finally came to life and is set to be one of the biggest sellers the Christmas.  Described as self-balancing scooters,  a hoverboard is a levitating platform (that looks like a skateboard without wheels) that can be used for personal transportation. 

5,000 of them sold on Black Friday in the United States, and Ebay claims to have sold ‘one every 12 seconds’ on Cyber Monday. 

Hoverboards would suit any snowboard enthusiasts, wakeboard lovers and probably surfers.  Word of warning though – there are already thousands of ‘hoverboard wipeout’ videos on YouTube, so make sure you practice at home first… and don’t buy cheap imports as these are a fire risk!

Lily Camera Drone

One of the coolest drones on the market. Like a third-person Go Pro, the Lily Camera is a great gift for those who want to film their extreme sport stunts, or maybe their scenic run, and want to feature in the video themselves. 

All a user has to do is simply throw the camera in the air and have it follow them around thanks to a special transmitter or the pre-programmed route entered. While it’s flying you can choose  where to send the drove - either following or leading ahead of people, or circling around them. The camera that can take 1080p video, or 120 frames per second slow motion films at 820p. It also takes 12 megapixel stills.  Those photos and videos can be exported and viewed.

The drone is waterproof and small, only weighing 2.8 lbs. 

The drone costs around US$799. Pre-order now for February deliver 2016.


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