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Travel Insurance: A Roadtrip Essential


There was a great article published online on this week’s website.  The title said it all really - If You Travel Without Insurance, You’re Rolling The Dice.  Author Richard Meadows goes on to explain that “If you head overseas without cover, you're playing a dangerous game.”

This article hits the nail on the head when it comes to Travel Insurance.  We hear of so many examples of people who thought they didn’t need insurance when travelling.  From backpackers thinking their parents would cover any costs to others assuming ACC would cover it from New Zealand. How wrong they were. Travel insurance should be number 3 in priority for travellers, with number 1 being your tickets and number 2 your passport!  Travel insurance for many is more important than luggage - which if lost can easily be replaced in most countries.  There are numerous situations for which a traveller cannot plan and for when insurance will be vital, from experiencing a medical episode to losing a wallet.  Not having insurance arranged before you travel is like having your fingers crossed and just blindly hoping for the best.

Meadows also explains in his article that “just getting the insurance isn’t enough. First you've got to understand what it is you're buying.” We also hear the many stories about travellers who either didn’t understand what cover they needed for their trip or didn’t understand what exactly they were covered for.  For example, the article highlight that travellers to Thailand who have a scooter accident would only be covered for medical insurance if they had a Thai or international driver's licence at the time of their accident.  This is a classic example of needing to know exactly what your insurance covers when heading off overseas.

Meadows also correctly points out that it is extremely important for travellers to declare any pre-existing medical condition.  To quote “Even if it's an ailment you shrugged off 10 years ago, you can guarantee an insurer will dredge it up and somehow link it to your current malady. Disclose everything.”

Another gem from his article is the tip about taking photos of all your important possessions you are taking on your trip e.g. laptop, iPad, iPod, Mobile Phone, Video Camera etc.  If you still have the receipts for these items hang on to them in case of any claim – and/or take a photo of these too.  If you are taking a large and/or expensive item such as a bike this will need to be declared to your insurer.

At Health & Travel Insurance we can also arrange cover for a range of outdoor activities that are often excluded by generic travel insurance policies. These ‘excluded activities’ are often the ones travellers forget to check in the ‘small print’ of a policy and can be quite extensive.  Examples include caving, abseiling, playing a contact sport.  As you will know from reading our other blogs, our specialty is arranging travel insurance specifically for these types of ‘extreme activities’.  We have also assisted many professional athletes heading off overseas to compete in ‘extreme sports’ and contact sports, ensuring they have the right type of insurance policy cover for their sport and the country they are travelling to.  We also ensure these athletes have properly insured any sporting equipment they need to travel with e.g. mountain bike, skis, snowboards etc.

If you are planning a trip and want to know more about travel insurance give our team a call on 0800 855 0772.  We are happy to assist you with all travel insurance enquiries and overseas sporting excursions.

To read the full article from Richard Meadows please click this link


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