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Four Tips For International Mountain Bike Travel



Four Tips For International Mountain Bike Travel

International mountain bike travel is a growing business.   Every year hundreds of Kiwis head off to international shores to explore new trails and new cultures.  Like any international travel there is some stress involved with planning trip logistics and it can be easy to overlook some finer travel details. Health and Travel Insurance Brokers have many years experience in helping people organise insurance policies that cover high risk sports such as mountain biking, here we have some advice and a few other tips to help you get ready for your mountain bike holiday.  

Check Visa & Entry Requirements

Every country has their own entry requirements and this is be based on what citizenship you hold.  Visit the New Zealand Foreign Affairs & Trade website for links to embassies to check entry requirements, fees and visas required to travel to your chosen destination.

Get Vaccinated

Before you make any travel you should enquire about recommended vaccinations through your local GP or embassy of that country. If you need to be vaccinated, it is best to visit your doctor 4-6 weeks before your trip, as some vaccinations need to be done in stages or need to be in your system for a certain amount of time before you depart.

Organising Your Bike

Before you leave you will need to decide if you’re going to take your own mountain bike or rent one once you reach your destination.  Both options have pluses and minuses and neither option is cheap.

If you decide to take your own bike you will find that there are varying airline policies and different packaging options. Check out the fine print for your airline, they’ll give you dimensions for bikes and expected costs.

If you are going to rent a bike, keep in mind rental costs will likely be higher and availability much slimmer in remote areas.  We recommend touching base with a local bike shop in your destination country to discuss your options. They can also give great advice on trails in the area.

Remember: If you’re travelling with your own bike then you will need to make sure it is properly clean to protect ecosystems from contaminants.


If you’re planning an overseas Mountain Biking adventure then you will need the right travel & health insurance. Some insurance policies cover biking but they include mountain biking in their list of 'extreme' sports that are not covered.  Besides making sure your policy covers Mountain Biking, your insurance needs to cover:

• Trip cancellation and trip interruption

• Equipment protection for delay, loss, theft and damage

• Medical expenses

• Emergency medical transportation/evacuation

Health & Travel insurance brokers don’t just use one insurer, we have lots of different policy

options suited to different needs and requirements. We will make sure you get the right insurance, medical and evacuation cover for mountain biking in each country you are travelling to.

Trust us - we have many years experience organising insurance for professional sports people including Gold Medal winning New Zealand mountain bikers!  So give us a call or send an enquiry through our website



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