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Do I Need Special Insurance For Cruise Ship Travel?


Do I Need Special Insurance For Cruise Ship Travel?

As Kiwis and many around the world wait and hope for life to return to normal after Covid-19, cruise companies are reporting a surge in bookings for future trips. One company reportedly sold out a future booking in 24 hours.

Due to a lack of other travel options, or a fear of certain destinations, it seems many people are investigating taking a cruise for the first time. When researching and planning a holiday on a cruise ship it is important to be sure you have adequate insurance cover.

Cruise trip travel insurance can include specific policy features or in some cases the policy is simply general travel cover that does not exclude cruises.

Cruise insurance policies should include:

  • a daily compensation if you’re confined to your cabin (it could be due to illness, missing a port departure, or if your itinerary is changed)
  • medical treatment, which could cover issues such as stomach bugs that can be spread amongst passengers, to more serious medical episodes or accidents onboard or ashore
  • luggage cover which is always assumed but should be clarified for the duration of the trip

Another important factor is to be sure the insurance company will cover you in real-time and with cruise-specific solutions, so that you can get immediate help if you are in the middle of a cruise.

Most of the big cruise ship companies like Princess and Carnival offer cruise cover but it pays to shop around for personal service and value. We can help with all your insurance needs, and have added experience with travel insurance for people 65 and over. If you're thinking of a post-covid cruise then get in touch with our friendly experts.



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