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Lower Risk Travel Options For Early 2022

With the New Zealand Government talking about opening up travel for vaccinated travellers around March of 2022, New Zealanders could have a few more travel options available.

Destinations will probably be assessed by their level of covid risk, and there are other factors to consider such as how frequent and straightforward are flights home to NZ if a pending outbreak causes more lockdowns. With this in mind it still might be a safer option to travel within the Pacific where you can get a direct flight home at short notice, instead of a further destination that could require connecting flights and more logistical problems.

Pacific Islands

The Cook Islands is an obvious choice given it is already open for business with New Zealand, but other Pacific nations such as Tonga, Samoa and Niue will be viable options too. The Governments of each of these countries are focused on vaccinating their populations and they are keen to open their economies to safe tourists, as well as have seasonal workers able to return to NZ.

Hong Kong

If you are not keen on a tropical island holiday then Hong Kong is another type of island altogether. Over half of Hong Kong's population has had at least one dose of vaccine and there is talk of including New Zealand in a travel bubble. Hong Kong is a vibrant unique destination offering many of the experiences and benefits of large cities in Asia and abroad, but in a safer environment closer to home.


Australia is the obvious choice for overseas travel for many Kiwis, but with past lockdowns disrupting travellers and now with the Delta variant digging in, it is unclear what travel options will be available in the coming months and into 2022. Due to the size and structure of Australia it might be that certain states do return to being open for business.

No matter where you choose to travel, talk to our friendly team. If you are over 65 or have pre-existing medical conditions or issues that might affect gaining travel insurance we can help – we have helped many travellers who have found a lack of assistance from bigger companies.


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