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Places to visit in New Zealand - Taupo

We shared Waitomo with you last month, this month our favourite destination is the spectacular Lake Taupo.

Places To Visit In New Zealand: Waitomo Caves

To help you plan your trip around New Zealand, here is one of our favourite destinations, Waitomo Caves.

Travel Insurance NZ - What It Is & Why You Need It

Health & Travel Insurance NZ explain the basics about travel insurance, what it is and why you need it if you're planning a trip overseas.

Applying For A New Zealand Passport

There seems to be many people currently renewing their passports, thanks to the short-sighted, and luckily short-lived, 5-year passports. Read our blog for some helpful tips for applying for your New Zealand passport.

3 Best Digital Travel Tools For 2017

There are so many great travel items you can take with you on your overseas adventure. Health & Travel Insurance list 3 of the best digital items for 2017.

New Zealand Working Holiday Visas & Insurance Cover

Read our blog to find out more about New Zealand Working Holiday Visas & the type of insurance cover you will need to work and travel in NZ.

Travel Insurance: A Roadtrip Essential

There are numerous situations for which a traveller cannot plan and for when insurance will be vital, from experiencing a medical episode to losing a wallet. Not having insurance arranged before you travel is like having your fingers crossed and just blindly hoping for the best.

How Travel Insurance Can Help Save A Life

Read about a traveller's experience with Dengue Fever and how travel insurance helped save their life.

Even A Broken Leg Requires Good Travel Insurance

A broken leg is a snap lesson in the importance of travel insurance.

Essential Travel Items For The Baby Boomer Traveller

With so many New Zealand ‘baby boomers’ doing their OE in later years we thought it would be good timing to include a few tips, lists and travel ideas in our blog. To start off, here are some essential travel items for your next overseas trip away:

3 Best Christmas Gifts For Sport Lovers

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for a sport enthusiast or fitness fanatic? Check out three awesome gift ideas to make this Christmas something special for any lover of the outdoors.

Sport Insurance - Get The Right Cover

Health and Travel Insurance Brokers Ltd make sure you get the right Sport Insurance cover for your sport. Whether you are travelling professionally, with a team or doing a high risk sport we will arrange cover for you.

7 Travel Essentials To Pack For Your Next Trip

Health & Travel Insurance Brokers provide a list of 7 essential travel items that every traveller should pack in their bag.

5 Best Apps For Your New Zealand Travel Adventure

We recently posted a blog with the top 10 travel apps that you can download in 2015, here are our 5 top picks for apps that will make your New Zealand travel adventures a little bit easier.

Travel Insurance & Existing Medical Conditions

Read Health and Travel Insurance Brokers Ltd latest blog update, including why you should always declare any existing medical conditions before you travel.

10 Of The Best Travel Apps For 2015

Travel apps are a great accessory for the modern traveller. Armed with the right apps on your device you will be able to find the best flight deals, restaurants, maps, translators and more. So here are 10 of the best travel apps for your next trip away:

Make Sure You Have The Right Travel Insurance Cover

At Health and Travel Insurance Brokers we have access to a broad range of leisure, corporate and high risk activity travel insurance plans ensuring you have the right cover for the type of activities you will be doing.

Being an Entrepreneur - Sandra Grant From Health and Travel Insurance Brokers

These are my Presentation Notes for a talk I gave St Peter’s School on the 1st & 2nd December. The topic was “Being an Entrepreneur”, and this is my story:

Black Dirt Adventure Competes in China

The Black Dirt Adventure racing team recently competed in 2 events in China the Wulong Mountain Quest and the Suqian Lake Luoma Eco-Quadrathalon Classic.

Insurance For Travellers with Pre-existing Medical Condition

Read why it is important to use an Insurance broker who can source insurance for travellers with pre-existing medical conditions.

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