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We really do love to help

We really do love to help our clients with all aspects of travel insurance, including claims, as evidenced by a recent letter received (I hope this works):

1000km Mongol Derby

A HUGE Congratulations to Chloe Phillips-Harris for completing the 1000km Mongol Derby on horseback, this is her amazing account of the race.

A Recent Article We Wrote for

We were recently approached to do an Expert Interview on travel insurance for I've copied the interview here, as I think it has a lot of relevance for all our clients ... sorry about the formatting!

Travel Nightmares – Why You Need Good Insurance

Additional cover that you find in good travel insurance policies - medical evacuation and accompanying relatives.

How To Make A Claim

Making travel insurance claims can be tricky, especially if you have just suffered an accident or illness, or have lost some precious items. To assist you with your travel insurance we have compiled an outline of the key things you will need to ensure your claim is processed as quickly as possible.

Working Holiday Visas And Travel Insurance For New Zealand

This blog explains a bit about NZ working holiday visas, and what medical and travel insurance you will require for your trip.

Off-piste and heli-skiing - Why You Need A Specialist Travel Insurance Company

Backcountry skiing, such as off-piste and heli-skiing, is a growing sport worldwide, but finding a travel insurance company that provides a suitable policy can be difficult.

The Cost Of Visitors Not Having Travel Insurance For New Zealand

Out of the three million plus travellers to New Zealand, 80% are not entitled to free healthcare and those without travel insurance are a major burden on our health system.

Professional Sports Insurance

Recently we've insured competitive cyclists, round the world sailors, and an imported basketball player with the cover we have for Professional Sports.

Working Holidays in NZ

The summer fruit season is well underway, and thinning/pruning is starting too.

Travel in 2013

Welcome to the first travel insurance blog for 2013!

Interesting travel insurance requests

It's been an incredibly interesting week this week with plenty of exciting travel insurance requests!

Welcome to the new website!

We are very excited to welcome you to our new travel insurance website.

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Working Holiday Insurance and Visas for New Zealand

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