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We have worked closely with the government, HortNZ and insurers to design a policy specifically to protect these seasonal workers. 

We are acknowledged as being the ‘experts’ in providing quality health and travel insurance for seasonal workers, and our policy brochure is provided to all prospective employees in their employment packs when they are recruited from the Pacific Nations.In 2007 the NZ government introduced the Recognised Seasonal Employer programme to allow NZ horticulture and viticulture industries to recruit workers from overseas, in particular from the Pacific islands.

We are continually working with medical providers in all regions of New Zealand to ensure our workers receive full access to medical treatment as part of our Easy Claim Programme.  We also continue to work closely with the NZ government and with employers in the horticulture industry to make sure the insurance continues to look after the needs of this valuable group of seasonal workers.

Key Benefits include:

  • Unlimited medical and evacuation cover
  • Cover starts from the time the seasonal worker leaves their home country, and ceases at the time they return to their home country
  • Emergency return home during the season if a family member becomes seriously ill or dies unexpectedly
  • Cover for travel documents
  • Optional cover for luggage/personal items

If you are looking to come to NZ for seasonal work, get a free insurance quote now or contact us if you have questions or want to discuss your unique requirements. We offer great personal service and support for all our seasonal worker clients. 

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