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Off-piste and heli-skiing - Why You Need A Specialist Travel Insurance Company

Backcountry skiing, such as off-piste and heli-skiing, is a growing sport worldwide.  Attractive to those who want a more adventurous holiday than your standard tourist activities, this sport provides an adrenaline filled adventure in some of the most scenic locations in the world.  Particularly popular in places such as Canada, Japan and the United States, this type of skiing includes skiing in unpatrolled areas and sometimes onto avalanche risk slopes. 

While exhilarating, this type of sport is filled with dangers that standard skiers do not usually encounter.  Difficult terrain and unmonitored slopes result in more accidents.  Additionally, what many tourists do not realise is that the medical costs in popular ski destinations such as Japan or Canada are among the highest in the world. 

For those thrill seekers who engage in backcountry skiing, finding a travel insurance company  that provides a suitable policy can be difficult.  You need to find a specialist travel insurance company that understands your needs and has policies to cover your trip, especially since high risk activities such as off-piste skiing are often excluded from standard leisure travel insurance policies.

As specialists in Pro Sports and High Risk Activities we can provide the necessary advice and policies to suit your off-piste skiing adventures, including emergency evacuation off the slopes; and search and rescue costs.

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