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Best Places to Travel to Around the World for Extreme Sports

sky diving dubai


Most people think extreme sports are great for the thrill seekers but not something you’d consider for general travel. But if you think about it, jumping from a cliff with only a bungee cord to save you, white water rafting down a stunning river or surfing down an active volcano are pretty unique experiences that might make your trip pretty darn exciting! Why not put some adventure in to your next trip abroad and experience a thrill of a lifetime. Here are a few of the best places to travel to around the world for extreme adventure travel.

Skydiving over Dubai

Imagine floating above Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, looking down at New Zealand’s largest Lake or having a bird’s eye view of Mount Everest.  While leaping out of a plane is not for the faint-hearted, many travellers have sky diving on their bucket list. We recommend New Zealand as a jumping destination of course, with many options around our country.  But for the ultimate jump while abroad check out Palm Jumeirah in United Arab Emirates. Jumping out of an airplane over this man-made wonder is going to spark some serious envy among your friends. Skydive Dubai recommends you make your skydiving reservation at least one to two months in advance due to demand -  Skydive Dubai

Bungy Jumping in New Zealand

Little New Zealand is pretty famous amongst thrill seekers and seen as one of the ultimate extreme sports destinations. We have a number of options for bungee enthusiasts including  Queenstown in the South Island, Taupo in central North Island, and for those who love the buzz of city life why not try jumping off New Zealand’s tallest building - the Auckland sky tower!  Here is one of the companies, owned by the godfather of bungy AJ Hackett -

Volcano Boarding in Nicaragua

Imagine reaching speeds up to 90 kilometres per hour using only your heels as a brake, while racing down the black, rocky side of an active volcano!  Well you can do exactly that in a little place called León in Nicaragua. Apparently volcano boarding was pioneered by an Australian traveller who thought that hiking to the top of an active volcano wasn't adrenaline pumping enough - so they came up with the idea of riding a wooden toboggan down the slopes. Check it out here

Freshwater Cave Diving in Mexico

Discover a whole new world of beautiful submerged caves with freshwater cave diving. There is nowhere better to experience this than the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, home to some of the world’s longest and most beautiful underwater caves and caverns. Imagine over 7000 miles of caves where you can find anything from human skeletons, remains of mastodons and very large vehicle-sized rocks. Cave diving is an extremely hazardous sport so only experienced divers should put this on their bucket list. Check out more details here

Paragliding in Switzerland

An extremely popular destination for adrenaline junkies in Europe, Switzerland offers a range of extreme sports in some of the most incredible locations with mountains, lakes, and greenery galore. Take flight from 1870 feet in the resort town of Interlaken, if almost 2000 feet isn’t enough, try your hand at paragliding from 9744 feet from the top of Schilthorn, the summit of the Bernese Alps.



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