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We have found that many online travel insurers don’t provide customers with the personalised level of care that we think is essential when purchasing travel insurance, particularly for senior members of our community.  Just because you are over age 65 doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to access comprehensive travel insurance at a reasonable price!

As independent travel insurance brokers we have access to a broad range of  leisure and business travel policies that can often be tailored to your specific requirements, including cover for many pre-existing medical conditions.  We take the time to work with you on a personal level to make sure we understand what you need in your travel insurance cover.   We have chosen travel insurance policies from companies that do more than just ‘tick the boxes’ when assessing pre-existing medical conditions so you can be sure that a proper medical assessment is made when determining if cover can be approved.

As we use a wide range of different leisure travel insurances, we have compiled a list of key benefits across the spectrum:

  • Unlimited medical and evacuation cover
  • Options around excess levels
  • Options to cover pre-existing medical conditions for unexpected complications (assessment criteria will apply; and terminal conditions are not covered under any circumstances)
  • Options to cover missed flights, travel delay, luggage, personal liability, loss of deposits/trip cancellation; emergency return home and so on.

For personal service please call us at any time on NZ Freephone 0800 8550772. If you'd like a quick free quote then complete our simple online insurance quote form and we'll be happy to help.

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