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Expatriate insurance for employees on overseas work assignments can be tricky to navigate.  If you are intending to be away from your home country for longer than 12 months or you are on an overseas work assignment you need specialised ‘expatriate’ insurance that can be renewed for as long as you stay away from your home country.

We have access to a broad range of expatriate and international health insurance policies including some with a lifetime renewal guarantee.   We also offer hybrid travel and expatriate insurances for people away on their OE – these are a bit less expensive than many expatriate health insurances, due to different renewal criteria which we can help you to understand.

We can also offer cover for manual work activities in many instances, and provide frequent traveler policies to 'top up' any gap between the deductible on your expat health plan, and cover for while you are travelling away from your country of residence.  Many expatriate health plans also offer additional benefits such as maternity cover, alternative employee expenses, loyalty benefits such as health and wellbeing checks, and so on.

Key Areas of Coverage

  • High levels of medical cover
  • Medical evacuation cover or the option to include medevac cover if you require this
  • Options for excesses/deductibles and/or sums insured to help tailor premiums to suit your budget
  • Coverage for children (in many instances we can include young children free of charge on a parent’s expatriate health plan)
  • Maternity health benefits
  • Options to cover your work activities
  • Political evacuation or evacuation following a natural disaster

Please call us at any time on NZ +64 7 8550772 to discuss your expatriate or long term OE insurance needs, or fill out our Quick Query Form and we’ll be in touch with you very soon.

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