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Professional or competitive sports and high risk extreme activities (e.g. off-piste skiing, mountain climbing, competitive rodeo, blue water sailing to name a few) are often excluded from standard travel insurance policies. 

We have a proven record in obtaining insurance cover for competitive and extreme sports and many high risk activities.  We can tailor a high risk extreme sport travel insurance package to meet your needs, and any requirements for obtaining entry to international sports events.

If you are into extreme or high risk sports like snowboarding or skydiving, or you are planning to compete in a sporting event (either as a professional sportsperson, or not as a paid sportsperson), we can help.  You need to make sure that your travel insurance will cover your sport/activity. Even something as seemingly simple as doing a motorbike tour across Australia needs to be carefully reviewed to make sure your travel insurance coverage is adequate!

Key Benefits

  • Unlimited medical and evacuation cover with no excess/deductible on medical claims
  • No exclusions for professional, competitive or contact sports
  • Options to add cover for luggage, missed flights, personal liability
  • Options to add cover for high value sports items such as bicycles, ski’s, snowboards, and so on that may be damaged while in transit or lost / stolen while you are travelling.

At this stage we don’t have an underwriter who will cover competitive motor sports, but we continue to work towards this option!

Get a free insurance quote now or contact us if you have questions or want to discuss your unique requirements. If you are in New Zealand use our freephone 0800 855 0772. We have great experience developing special custom plans for extreme sports clients and professional athletes, and we're happy to help.

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