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If you are travelling to New Zealand on a Working Holiday Visa we can provide you with a low cost and comprehensive health and travel insurance that meets NZ Immigration requirements. 

It is compulsory for Working Holiday Visa holders coming to NZ to work in retail, fruit picking, or hospitality industries to provide evidence of comprehensive travel insurance while they are in New Zealand.  We have a range of policies that will meet these requirements while you are in New Zealand.  With very reasonable insurance premiums and low excesses/deductibles on claims, our policies are a safe choice.

Key Benefits include:

  • Medical expenses to NZ$250,000
  • Repatriation to NZ$100,000
  • Optional luggage cover
  • Automatic cover for up to 31 days in Australia or the South Pacific
  • Prices can be tailored to match the length of your stay in New Zealand.

If you are planning to travel to other countries around the globe we can arrange travel insurance for this as well.  We can include high limits for luggage, medical and evacuation cover and including cover for a broad range of tourist and sporting activities.

We can also offer plans for Australian Working Holiday Visa holders. Get a free insurance quote now or contact us if you have questions or want to discuss your unique requirements. We have great experience developing special custom plans for clients and we're happy to help.

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