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Health and Travel Insurance Clients Compete in Mongol Derby 2014

Mongol Derby

Image from the Adventurists

We wish clients Courtney Davis and Chloe Phillips-Harris the best of luck for their ride in the Mongol Derby which kicked off this week.

The Mongol Derby is considered both the longest and toughest horse race in the world. The 1000km course “recreates Genghis Khan's legendary empire-busting postal system, with riders changing horse every 40km, and living with herders or camping under the stars.”  The Derby takes place annually with around 35 professional, semi-professional and amateur riders competing against each other for the derby crown. To make it to the finish riders must balance survival skills with horsemanship skill. As well as having to endure the elements, the riders are riding semi-wild horses eating unfamiliar food and riding on difficult terrain – all with no support crew, no markers, no roads .  As you can imagine, completing the derby is an achievement few can boast. 

Chloe completed the race last year in 7 & 1/2 days, this is a segment from her account of the race when she survived being chased by Mongolian Dogs:

“Mongolian dogs are not pets, dangerous at the best of times and with no herders to call them off I'm in real trouble. Swampy terrain, bolting horse, saddle about to fall off and being chased by wild dogs and there's nothing I can do. I feel like there's no escape when suddenly my tiny horse literally leaps over the jaws of death as the two front dogs heading us off close in, we sail over top of them and the pony hits the grounds with speed I never knew any horse possessed we fly forwards leaving disappointed dogs in our wake… . I make it through another day, crossing beautiful mountains patrolled by soaring giant eagles, passing ancient deer stones monuments and valleys filled with yaks. Feeling lucky to be alive I push on making almost 150km. I stay with a yak herding family for the night, where the children having no idea about the race and obviously not having seen a white girl turn up on a pony before play and giggle looking at me all night.”

You can read her full account of the race on this blog: 1000km Mongol Derby

Besides personal goals, the riders are also required to raise money for international charity Cool Earth and another organisation of their choice.  You can track Chloe & Courtney's progress on this website  

We will update you once the race is completed.


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